Woven from the world’s oldest luxury fibre, 100% all natural linen, grown in the
Netherlands and woven exclusively for In The Sac, this is true luxury bed linen.

Behind The Seams

To produce beautiful 100% linen sheets the process from harvest to bedroom must be carefully planned and controlled at every step.

The In The Sac team has a combined 40 years in the Australian textile industry and use their experience, contacts and know how to produce a range of world class products for your bedroom and sleeping pleasure. By creating our pure linens in different weights and textures and using our knowledge of production and finishing, our sheets are manufactured in the finest, softest finishes possible.

The pure linens we offer are manufactured exclusively for the In The Sac range and the uncomplicated designs and styles of our products have been chosen to reflect the natural character and simplistic beauty of the fabrics we create.

Enjoy the laid-back luxury In The Sac.