IN THE SAC is driven by a philosophy that centres on producing the highest quality textiles,
beautiful design, artisanal skill and a respect for the world's oldest fibre – linen.

IN THE SAC is driven by a philosophy that centres on beautiful design, high-quality materials, artisanal skill, and a respect for the world's oldest textile – linen. We exclusively use 100% linen grown in its natural environment, requiring little to no fertilisers or irrigation, and is naturally biodegradable. With a meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards while leaving a neutral impact on the environment. We ensure the fair and safe work conditions for our suppliers and their employees, and believe in enhancing the wellbeing of our partners, global team and our customers. 

Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics in order to take a holistic ‘field to fabric’ approach. By focusing on environmental best practice, product longevity, responsible sourcing, ethical manufacturing, minimising our transport footprint and packaging use, as well as developing our product recycling program, our approach considers each stage of cultivation, production, delivery and circularity - all the while aiming for continuous improvement.


IN THE SAC is proud to work directly with flax farmers in Europe to produce some of the world's highest quality linen, using artisanal skills that have been passed downfrom generation to generation. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics in order to take a holistic ‘field to fabric’ approach, harnessing every process, from field to finished fabric, considering the journey from seed, all the way to your home.



IN THE SAC takes pride in crafting high-quality linen that provides unparalleled comfort and style. We understand that even the best products age over time, and as part of our commitment to sustainability, we have developed our Textile Recycling Program, in partnership with TEXT Australia. Our Textile Recycling Program ensures pre-loved sheets and towels — of any brand — are diverted from landfill. By participating in the program, customers expand the lifespan of their textiles and are rewarded with a 20% discount on their next order.



It’s important to us that our linen has a positive impact on both people and planet. IN THE SAC is proud that our linen is awarded with GOTS and OEKO-TEX100 certifications, as well as The European Flax® label. 



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