Escape with Timmy Maxwell of Island House

Escape to Lord Howe Island with Timmy Maxwell of Island House. A UNESCO World heritage site, Lord Howe Island boasts incredible scenery and a unique level of seclusion: only 400 visitors are allowed at any time.

Nestled amongst the ancient Banyan forest, two architecturally designed homes create the private footprint of Island House, where a maximum of 8 guests can enjoy the jaw-dropping natural surrounds and exceptional urban comforts that founder, Timmy and his father have hand-selected.


Tell us how and when Island House came to fruition:

Island House was created over 5 years ago. It started as a dream to attract like-minded people. People that would enjoy all of the unique experiences the island offers, but in an accommodation setting as diverse and interesting as our natural surroundings. My dad and I went to great lengths to source quality objects, art and materials that would reflect the Island’s timeless feel. We sourced these objects from all around the world personally: mid-century furniture from Copenhagen, kitchen utensils from Kyoto, art from Peppimenarti of the Northern Territory - all of these objects tell a story from their time and place.

You can imagine building large bespoke houses out of hard wood and copper on a tiny island in the middle of the Tasman Sea had its challenges, however seeing people enjoy them, use the spaces for special occasions and celebrations is incredibly fulfilling.



What sets the resort apart, and what makes Lord Howe Island so unique?

It's challenging to articulate what makes Lord Howe Island and Island House so exceptional, as guests often describe it as a "feeling." It's a mix of the natural bio-diversity, the small-town community feel, and the juxtaposition of lush mountains towering over a crystal-clear lagoon. Island House offers private, spacious, fully-equipped houses for short and medium-term stays on an island where buying property is essentially prohibited. It's a rare and unique combination that allows guests to experience all the comforts of urban living in a remote UNESCO World Heritage island setting.



Can you describe a typical day running the resort?

The typical day running the resort involves ensuring that guests have a memorable, curated stay that caters to their individual preferences. The day usually begins early with a run, swim, or surf to take in the island's beauty before preparing guests' activities for the day. Activities may include snorkelling, fishing, sightseeing, or a relaxing day by the beach, complete with a barbecue in a secluded bay. Every guest experiences the island differently, and the team loves adapting to each stay to see the island through their lens.



Five words that describe the resort:

Privacy, seclusion, depth, curated, personal.



What does luxury mean to you?

We could talk about our world-class speakers, or bespoke furniture but essentially these are extra comforts. To us, luxury means catching a fresh fish, cooking it on a barbecue, and pairing it with locally grown produce, all while enjoying the stunning lagoon scenery and the company of good friends.


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