In Conversation with Julieanne Henry

IN THE SAC founder, Belle sits down with Julieanne Henry, the creative director behind her namesake Interior Design service. Julieanne's aesthetic is driven by sense of relaxed luxury, with a nod to timeless design details. Walking into a Julieanne Henry project is akin to stepping into a haven of refinement, where light, texture and colour coexist in harmonious balance. 

In this exclusive Q&A, Belle delves into Julieanne's creative process, unveiling the inspirations behind her design and takes a look inside her most recent project - a home in Sydney's Manly, as featured in the most recent issue of House & Garden.

Interior Design: Julieanne Henry Design, styling: Megan Morton, photography: Pablo Veiga

julieanne henry's home in manly featuring in the sac bedding 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you based and what journey did you take to be where you are today?

I am a Sydney based designer but I grew up in Wollongong. I was always passionate about interiors. From a very young age I was redecorating my room. My mum was thrilled as her home was always styled beautifully. She would go out to water the garden and come back inside to find all the furniture had been moved around. We didn’t have a lot and I think that’s where my ability to reinvent came from. I started my first business when I was 18. It was a homewares store. As my business grew, more and more people wanted me to come in to their homes and help them redesign. It was a natural progression which then brought me to Sydney to study Interior Design and continue on my path. That business had 17 very successful years, even after I moved to Sydney, with mum at the helm. I absolutely love what I do and the journey I have had so far.

julieanne henry's home in manly featuring in the sac bedding

What is your process when taking on a new client and getting to know what they want as an end result?

I start with an initial consultation where we get the opportunity to meet, discuss the clients brief and get a better understanding of the project. Then if we both feel we are a good fit and want to move to the next stage, we will then put together a Project Proposal for the clients consideration. Once this is accepted we then work very closely with our clients to create everything they would love to see in their home.

julieanne henry's home in manly featuring in the sac bedding

With the importance of conscious design at the forefront of projects today, how do you try to implement sustainability into your schemes of work?

I think at my core I’ve always been truly aware and connected to sustainability. From a young age I was conscious of the environment and recycling. I loved up-cycling furniture and materials. I’ve always done this in my own home as I feel it gives more depth to the space and I get a great satisfaction from reinventing. I still maintain this approach and never think that in a new project, that we can’t work with a clients pre loved pieces or recycle building materials. I love beautiful old tiles, furniture, environmentally friendly paints and sustainable materials. I surround myself with like-minded people.

What’s most important to consider when designing a space?

When I design a space I want it to be both beautiful and functional. I want to give my clients the whole package. I love learning how my clients live in the space and what they need from it. Great functionality creates flow and ease. That is a great feeling to live with. Then to have everything looking and feeling beautiful is just another satisfying feeling. The use of light, colour and texture. All the things that bring the senses alive in your home are all important things to consider when designing a space.

julieanne henry's home in manly featuring in the sac bedding

How critical are supplier relationships when working on a project ?

I cherish my suppliers. I rely on their guidance and expertise. They help me deliver my vision and I am very grateful for that.

Five words that sum up your style of design:

Comfort, quality, considered, personal, luxurious.

julieanne henry's home in manly featuring in the sac bedding

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